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                      Outer drainage system
                      The outer drainage of the roof is to use the capacity and slope of the roof of the roof, so that the rain and snow water is discharged to the two ends of the building (the direction of the parapet and the parapet), and through the wall outside the wall to the ground or the rainwater pipe. The utility model is composed of a gutter, a rain bucket, a drainage riser and an exhaust pipe. It is suitable for multi span industrial buildings with a length of not more than 100m, and a building with no rainwater pipes in the room.
                      In the engineering practice, the rain and snow water of large roofs is often eliminated in the way of draining the large roof, and the use of the outer drain can not only eliminate the problem of checking the water in the well inside the kitchen, but also saves the investment, saves the metal material and the construction is simple, and is beneficial to the rational use of the space and ground of the plant and the rain water system in the factory area. Open ditch drainage or reduce the buried depth of pipelines and other advantages; but if the design is not good or the construction quality is poor, there will be problems such as overturning, leakage and so on.
                      Drainage outside the gutter should be based on expansion joints or settlement joints of buildings. The length of the gutter should be combined with the expansion joint layout of the gutter, generally not more than 50m, and its slope should not be less than 0.003. In order to prevent water from accumulating at the end of the ditch, a spillway should be set up at the parapet wall, gable wall or the end of the ditch. The spillway is 50-100_lowerthan the eaves above the ditch.
                      When the riser is directly drained to the ground, it is necessary to take anti-scouring measures. In collapsible soil areas, no direct drainage is allowed. In frozen areas, the riser should take anti-freezing measures.

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