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                    1. 瑞晨建材

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                      As we know, with the continuous expansion of real estate and the rapid development of metal falling water system, like all new products, on the one hand, it brings new choices to the industry, on the other hand, it also produces quality problems that need to be improved urgently.
                      The finished eaves and ditches, for the eaves structure, roof tiles and metal waterfall system design, are relatively lack of effective docking, leading to some projects according to the design eaves and roof tiles, unable to install metal waterfall system normally, or the installation has to take special measures, leading to the rainwater can not be effectively collected, resulting in rain. Water falls, urine eaves, installation is not reliable and other quality problems.
                      Roof waterproofing problems, many real estate projects do not have waterproofing or effective waterproofing in the cement roof, in the case of roof tile damage or roof tile itself seepage, directly lead to rain water seepage into the cement roof, and then accumulate in the cement eaves can not enter the metal gutter, resulting in serious eaves phenomenon; we found in some projects, when drilling in the eaves with impact drilling, there are inside. Rain water comes out!
                      The docking problem of pre-embedded PVC pipe and metal rainwater pipe, balcony, roof and other places with pre-embedded PVC pipe, because their location design does not comprehensively consider the problem of centralized discharge, resulting in the difficulty of effective docking of pre-embedded PVC pipe and metal pipe, leading to complex riser orientation, affecting the beauty and drainage quality, or causing leakage by using a large number of sealant sealant seals at the joint of metal pipe and PVC pipe. Water hazard!
                      Tiangou joint leaks, metal falling water system has high requirements for sealing quality of sealant. Many installation companies lack sufficient quality consciousness and experience, choose cheap sealant or unqualified installation personnel to save cost, or lack common sense of sealant construction technology, so it is inevitable that the leakage of Tiangou is caused by stolen work and material reduction.
                      At present, discoloration or deformation of products have been found in some projects with metal falling water system installed. Within three years, serious discoloration or peeling, gutter sagging or heavily inclined, or even falling at high altitude have occurred. The reason is that low-price competition or unprofessional market participants intentionally or unintentionally erode the original superiority of metal falling water system
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