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                    1. 瑞晨建材

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                      文章来源:www.xihp.tw  作者:瑞晨建材  更新时间:2019-03-15 20:25:48  Tag:  浏览:5
                      Drainage pipe is a kind of pipe which collects rainwater from roof and discharges it to the ground. This is very common in rural self-built houses, for high-rise buildings in the city, there is not such a long downspout, even if it can be connected, it is not very safe.
                      Drainage pipes are also well understood. They are divided into rainwater pipes, sewage pipes and confluence pipes. So we can see the drain pipe everywhere, such as the water pipe in the household fittings belongs to one of the drain pipes.
                      One obvious difference between the two is that the scope of application is different. Drainage pipes are used outdoors, while drainage pipes can be used indoors and outdoors. Because of the different thickness of the pipe wall, the wall of the downcomer is thin. This is due to two problems. One is that the installation of the downcomer is not strong enough to fall into people and endanger personal safety; the other is that it is not a pressurized pipeline, and the cost of thickening the pipe wall is wasted. The wall of the drain pipe is basically thicker.
                      In addition, there are different material requirements, downspouts are long-term outdoors, experiencing wind and rain, so the general downspouts are anti-ultraviolet function; and drainage pipes will not have this function. In installation, the calculation methods of the two kinds of pipes are different. Drainage pipes are calculated separately according to the key points, while drainage pipes include the fittings in the quota.
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